Research and SPIRE

SPIRE moves to PCIS

In August 2023 SPIRE was replaced with a new PHS Primary Care Intelligence Service (PCIS). 

SPIRE was developed to help doctors, the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland and researchers to learn more from patient information held at GP practices. They will use it to help all NHS patients in Scotland. So information from your medical records – and those of millions of other people in Scotland – will help medical professionals to improve the quality of care for all patients, plan services, develop new treatments, find out about side-effects and respond to major epidemics.  SPIRE will move information electronically and securely, from GP practice records to NHS National Services (NSS). 

Data extracts previously captured via SPIRE are now scheduled to be undertaken by the new PHS Primary Care Intelligence Service (PCIS).  The permissions associated with the new service are the same as those previously agreed for SPIRE.  Each data extract is subject to careful checks to ensure it meets agreed criteria prior to any contact with practices.  

Patients can choose not take part, or you can change your mind and take part at any time - please complete the opt-out form and return to the Practice.  Your choice will not effect the care you get from your GP Practice or hospital.   


Update to Publich Health Scotland's General Practice Data Collecion following the retirement of the SPIRE system in August 2023.