GP Referrals

NHS Boards have the responsibility to plan and provide health services for their resident population. The Scottish Government has reinforced to Boards that whenever possible treatment should be provided within the patient’s own Health Board area.

The aim is to provide value for money from limited NHS resources, since it costs more to buy a service from another NHS Board than to provide it within a service already existing in the Borders.

GPs are expected therefore to limit the number of external referrals.

NHS Borders recognises that in some few cases there may be valid reasons for exceptions. The following five reasons for departure from this “Borders Referral Policy” have been agreed with GPs:

Clinical Reasons:

1) Treatment is only available in another Health Board or Trust.

2) A second consultant opinion is sought that is not available within NHS Borders.

3) A patient requests continuity of care being provided by another Health Board or Trust.

Non Clinical Reasons:

4) Impact on ability to work / job security.

5) Travel e.g. the patient is unable to reach the BGH by private, public or patient transport, but would be able to reach another Board’s service provider

Queries about this policy may be addressed to:

General Manager

Primary and Community Services