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Wart Clinic and Cryotherapy

We provide cryotherapy treatment for warts (verrucae) i.e. freezing with a spray of liquid nitrogen. This causes mild discomfort but it is an effective way of dealing with many minor skin lesions.

Before making an appointment for the wart clinic, please see your doctor who will assess whether cryotherapy treatment is appropriate. Our Wart Clinic usually runs each Wednesday from 15:15 to 17.50.

Because warts are caused by viruses, if they do not disappear with a single freezing, further cryotherapy is often advised. If any virus is left, the lesion will otherwise simply re-grow. It can occasionally, take a number of sessions to remove the lesion.

No creams or dressings are recommended after a freezing, but patients are warned that a blister may appear. It is best to keep the area dry for a day or two.

Apart from cryotherapy, there are other treatments available, and your doctor or nurse will advise you appropriately.

How to Avoid Warts

    • Avoid direct contact with warts, which are spread by touching, scratching, bleeding and skin shedding from the wart.

    • Avoid walking barefoot, especially on warm wet surfaces, where the virus tends to spread

    • Change socks and shoes daily

    • Keep your feet clean and dry

    • Warts occur and recur easily especially in children, whose immune systems as not fully developed. It is a good idea to check your children’s feet regularly.

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